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The Winter’s Advent series is complete. Brijit in Chains is now available from eXtasy Books. Books one, two, and three are currently available from www.extasybooks.com or www.amazon.com.

Eochaid's Obsession Cover The Taking of Brijit Cover
Brijit's Pursuit Cover Brijit in Chains Cover

Available at www.extasybooks.com

Also available at Amazon.com

Long before the world was laid waste in Shelter from the Winter, Brijit lived a happy life with her husband Fáelán and daughter Almaith in medieval Ireland. The appearance of the mysterious Eochaid begins a dangerous obsession that will turn her life upside down and doom her to a life in darkness. Come see how it all began…

Experience the Shelter from the Winter series, an erotic vampire adventure with a post-apocalyptic twist, now available!

The Shelter from the Winter series follows vampire Brijit McRaith as she tries to deal with a modern world on the brink of destroying itself. Fleeing from her native Ireland to Nova Scotia, Canada, she falls in love with mortal Kelly O'Donnell and the two face Brijit's past and an uncertain future together.

Spring of Seduction CoverAutumn of Desire Cover

Spring of Seduction Cover

The Spring of Seduction is available from eXtasybooks.com, Amazon.com, Smashwords.com, and All Romance Ebooks

The Autumn of Desire is available from eXtasybooks.com Amazon.com, Smashwords.com
and All Romance Ebooks.

The Winter of Passion is available from eXtasybooks.com and Amazon.com, Smashwords.com
and All Romance Ebooks.